I am a fellow traveller

Expression or the need to express feelings and emotions is something we do with a medium that becomes the extension of our trying; to make meaning of what we feel. An invisible reality inside that we know is there, at times feels like stabbing and sometimes warm with a soft gentle breeze, and there is an unmistakable pulse for us to let it out but how? In what way?

Expression is when we may try to use words strung into a sentence, broken into lines, compiled in a stanza or paragraphs (if one may want to do so), and make images verbal in trying to make known our interpretation of what is felt. But at best, it only captures some of the emotions inside, but not all. For the invisible comes short to be explained thoroughly.

It is sometimes the probings of writers to explore these realms, to go where not many may want to tarry or go. To peer in the realms of the unknown. To make seen, even if dimly, what some do not want to see alone. And so it is a lonely road to journey the lands where, though one is physically present and breathing in reality, he or she treads into another land where reality speaks a different language or projects images with dual if not plural substance (that’s if there is such a thing as substance in an immaterial world. Concept would be a better description).

This is in someways how I see how writing is for me sometimes. Of course it is for pleasure and at times a therapeutic medication. Writing gives freedom of expression for me personally. But I think writing should in someways connect with people, those who read the stuff we write. There are times when it is effortless but on some occasions it is like one is in labour. At some points I feel the need to ask questions that others might not want to ask or are afraid to ask. At some points, I would like to give a voice to what others are thinking and feeling about and free them from just taking closure in their brains or thoughts. I think that writers of all sorts should see that their writings can be the extension of other people’s feelings, longings and questions. I have to thank writers who I’ve read and helped me in someways or another to speak the language of my expressions. I am truly grateful to them.

If life is to be taken as a journey, and if we are all journeying in it together as people, we also have a task in helping others in their walk. And so, I’d like to think that, even in the small or insignificant part that I play as a blogger, an aspiring writer, it gives me perspective that I can offer something for help, even in small measures. It does give me pleasure when others connect with the stuff I write.

I am a fellow traveller in this journey we call life. I may not journey in it like those who have crossed oceans and tread on the dirt of earth, I travel another land which has a different name. And like travelers do, give wisdom and information to others based on their experience, I too shall do the same. The paragraph below sounds somewhat corny I must say, but I like the mystical like expression that I put into it. It was some sort of idea for a character I would want to write about someday but it sounds somewhat biographical in a sense. I tweaked it a little and put in some dry humor in it (that is if it make you smile a bit then I’m ok).

“You do not know my name for I am a child of darkness.My home is the night, it is my day. And places that i roam, they are not for the faint hearted. I have but no companions, nor does it mean i am in need of one (it wouldn’t hurt though). This is my journey. If you want to tag along, maybe there is room I guess for companions along the way.”

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