knowing where life in the end-ends

Ecclesiastes, (קֹהֶלֶת, Kohelet, "son of ...
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The defining key [of one that I would suggest] to somewhat end [a probable suggestion maybe?] the endless search for meaning is having the enlightening sense of perspective; knowing where life in the end, ends.

If so, we just live in the tension of the defining middle, to be content with whatever achievement that we are able to accomplish, the same sense of meaninglessness will still in one way or another overcome us like those who have missed or squandered their existence. For both will end their lot to the grave.

But if we are to argue that it’s to build an empire of solid foundation in exonerating our name to be a legacy not to be forgotten, even in that sense the toil we gather to build that thing will also be gradually forgotten. If not for those who “argue” our remembrance, the immortality of our name will only be a name among other names. But some transcend time and changing cultures and become icons.

And if so we become icons, or achieve iconic state, that transcends the barrier of time, not many would have understood the causes that we stood for, the conviction for the beliefs we held to. In the thoughts of the crowd, we are just like lifeless statutes; physically present but our totality still forgotten.

So what then is a good name compared to one that is the opposite of good? Both still hold the “forgotten” factor but on different degrees [some criminals such as Charles Manson might fit the description of a bad guy whose name become iconic]. But still the main idea of the “forgotten” factor still exist for both; building a name and not having one that is good enough to reach that fame status or respected status.

If death is the finality of all life, what then for purpose? What then for hope? What then for good if bad shares in the same kind of fate? For both of them die anyway?

So, if like in the beginning I stated that

“The defining key [I think there is] to somewhat end [a probable suggestion maybe?] the endless search for meaning is having the enlightening sense of perspective; knowing where life in the end, ends,

and to that lets pose a question, “What then is the enlightening sense of perspective that can make sense of the grim fact of dying?”

I think we all have a something we believe in to make our life tick although we live in between, of what I called the defining middle. It is best to live by it.

[This post has been in someways influenced by reading Ecclesiastes.]


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