she looked at stars

NGC 602
Image via Wikipedia

she lay outside to see the stars,
they shimmered bright into the night,
they stayed transfixed there in her sight.

tried to forget what was that hurt her heart,
they made their home there in her thoughts,
she cried alone in what she sought.

what was it that broke her dreams apart,
the streams of tears they flowed,
as she lay there on the grass.

the color of her hope now fade to black,
her lifeless soul now shattered,
like a fragile glass.

time felt like eternity to pass,
she wished that she was free,
like a seagull soaring across the sea.

she made her gaze again, to look up to the stars
they still stayed bright there in the thickness of her night,
they stayed transfixed
and there they held her tight.

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