Try to disappear

The night whispers in my ears…
After bustling, walking in daylight
Trying to disappear.

I tried to but I have no wand
Like wizards or witches
Or that “beam me up Scotty” thing
They use on Star Trek.
I wish I had
But magic don’t work on planet earth
We just have to navigate
On reality’s terms.
I have on my face this calm complexion
As if no trace of storm resides
But that’s just me putting up a front
I’m known for putting up a show
With my academy award winning performance.
I’d wait for my name to be called
After they’ve gone through the nominations
I’d stand to receive your applause with a humble demeanor
I’d read up my speech like I was ready
Like I’ve always been since day one.
I learned my craft in an isolated room
I didn’t need mirrors to tell me what to do
Or how to look
My style’s an ingrained trait
I learned all by myself.
I devoured scripts as if it was my own life displayed
Some try hard to imagine
What I did for less
In the fringes of stock piled papers that made up stories
Mine infused in the works of all them writers.

I tried to disappear in between the fringes
Of well crafted narratives that spelt life
But still traces of me
Get stuck
In dark typed texted letters
Immortalizing the dirt where
My worn beat up shoes have already treaded.

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