Scar City

Clarity beckons a definition
As pavements on sidewalks
Where people hinge their hopes upon
That shimmer in the streetlights
As night falls
Guiding their paths to meet
A hollow call laden in the mist.

The gist of perception
Which more or less
The access from
Polluting fumes
Made from burnt lit cigarettes
Or blackened smoke from rundown cars
Become what the used inhale.

Promises thought up from persevering hearts
in the intention of making
What the untread soul
Who lacks discernment
Of words uttered
As thieves buffet the skeletal remains
Of youth.

To see only the surface of the majestic ocean
And get enthralled by it’s sheer beauty
Is to taste sweet icing
Topped rotten meat
You need to surge into the deep
To know what it means to sleep.

Alas the truth revealed
It was no myth
Or stories cooked up as urban legends
In places where lights
never seems to fail.

She will embrace you
With arms outstretched
And beds warmed to meet its guest.
She will kiss you
with tender lips
And cause you to fall
And beg down at her feet.
She calls you
with a voice so tender,
To rock you in a blissful sleep.
Until you finally hear her voice,
For what it is…
But then it will be
All too late.

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