Self destructive obedience

It only take seconds to self destruct,
A mindless thrust, and thus,
Exploding into disintegrating bits of debris,

It takes forever to build,
To breath in Hope,
To believe
To trust.

For obedience is not an inner trait,
Slaves to a bent road,
Our souls deformed in embracing
Just “me.”

Virtue does not grow wings,
To those breathing,
But the constant journey of,
Obedience in the same direction.

A habitual undertaking of slow pants in walking,
Progress is not something instant,
A painter learns by instilling,
In her thoughts
quiet reflections.

moments from happenings,
Imaginations from reality,
In daily interpretation,
Of Living,
Of Dying.

The straight and narrow,
Roads where few would choose,
To hear freedom…
Our devotion curbed to a life that reeks the smell of

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