Whose desire?

This is what I want
And what should
The me inside so retraces
In a steady echo
Like my voice reverberating
From mountain terrains

(echoes run empty)

This is what I need
My steady flow to feed
My necessity beckons
Me to peer inside
The clefts of my hearts desire…

(I hear only stillness)

This is my voice speaking
Sentences that my ears hear
And relay to you
With reasonable punctuations
In cleverly crafted grammar
As it becomes my daily mantra

(redundant repetitions)

But somehow my so called desire
Seems like some alien entity
When I listen intently
To the voices surrounding
As if resonating in a haunting
Melodic infusion
With societies growing chorus…

(I have been ignorant)

I sing as though hearing my own voice
In the utterance of others…
Is then my desires
My own
Or what the collective crowds
Want me to hear?

(as scales from my eyes, they fall to the ground)

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