Cake, postmodern philosophy and what if melted cake tasted better?

Note: This reflection was inspired by the true story of two young starlets who asked the waitress who served them cake to heat it up. This post only reflects on some of the ideas from the actual story. It does not seek to give factual details of what transpired in the conversation and thoughts of the two starlets and the waitress.

Cake is meant to be,
In its solid structure,
Firm yet edible,
Stand like walls,
But melts,
In the science,
Of human glands,
Meets cake.

But the art of deconstruction is to dismantle the “what is supposed to be” to see the possibility of “what if.” Stretching the “always have been” to new heights. If an age old concept is always supposed to be “as it always is,” because it has been “a tested through time idea” and is meant to “always be,” why bother to taste truth in a different light?

Screw that,
Let’s try something different,
Ask the waitress,
“please be a dear sweetheart,
Heat the cake.”
Add some twinkle to your eyes,
So she has the heart to,
Go along with crazy ideas,
Heat up frozen yet edible cake.

As the waitress who holds to the old idea of how cake is supposed to be served, she abides, almost willingly. She holds to the principle of “the customer is always right.” She too is deconstructing her old perception, but her’s is not by her own will but she does so by following the instructions of crazy customers who are postmodernists reacting against static forms of “what is supposed to be.”

The waitress puts the cake in the microwave. She heats the cake for some few short seconds. And out comes the new. No more solid but melted. And so she serves the crazy deconstructionists their once conceptual idea of the postmodern way of eating cake; heated and melted.

The “crazy” deconstructionists dig in with their forks to taste their idea which now has become reality. They taste. The only difference is the shape of what was supposed to be “what is” but the taste is the same. It is the same cake but melted. The taste is still the same. It is still cake. The important thing here is that nothing is lost. The essence of cake is still alive in solid or melted cake.

3 thoughts on “Cake, postmodern philosophy and what if melted cake tasted better?

    1. R,

      haha…i’m glad you liked it. Nothing much inspired me today but I tried the melted cake story I “hear” from friends and thought “there might be something there.”

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