midnight train

I was on one of the last trains last night after hanging out with my cousin and his fiancé. Lovely couple, the two of them.

The train wasn’t full but occupied. It was almost empty just before the station I was to unload myself. And then, we were stuck. Who knows why but this is something normal here when one uses the train.

Playing in my ears was Gavin Degraw’s new album “Sweeter.” I’m not sure how many cycles the album was playing in my mind but my guess would be endless. I say that not in a tone that exhibit boringness but just to say the train was stuck for quite a while. More like forever.

I dozed off, I woke, then dozed again and woke up.

Eventually the train finally moved. I arrived to my destination just a few minutes to midnight.

As I was walking back to where I call ‘home,’ with the chill from the midnight breeze, music was playing in my ears, and my mind looking intently at my feet walking, and I just felt this:

my heart is left panting,

as they chase after my feet walking,

sometimes it feels like,

i live in two worlds,

and a chase occurs,

memories lingering

as the present occurs.

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