Red apples

Apples are an all-American success story-each ...
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There once was a boy who thought that apples came in only red colors. His experience of apples and what he knew about apples created in him a staunch dogmatic position. He would argue with anyone who did not agree with him.

When someone who supposedly claim (that is how he would dine these people) they knew more about apples argue that apples came in another color- green, he would snap back and disagree.

That was until someone brought him a live green apple, for him to hold and taste.

At first this boy thought, “They must have painted this apple!” or “This must be some sort of fruit that looks like an apple, but is not.” But then he proceeded to taste it. In a very conscious manner that is. But as he did so he thought to himself, “Hmm, it has that apple kind of texture, and somehow had similar taste to a red apple. But somehow seems like an apple.”


Possible responses:

1.] The boy had a hard time accepting the fact that he had been wrong. But soon succumbed to the idea that apples were not just red but green as well.

2.] The boy brushed aside what seems to be obvious and carries on with his belief. Brushing off any idea that apples could also be green as well.

Note: Sometimes, we have preconceived ideas of our own and are staunched defenders of what we think is right. But when met with the obvious, truth that deconstructs our preconceived ideas, we will struggle in dismantling what we thought as right. Sometimes we grow to accept our mistakes and change our preconceived ideas. Sometimes though we remain staunch defenders even though evidence has been given to disprove our preconceived ideas.

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