To be heard and to be me

The me inside keeps telling me, “I need to be heard because I want to be deemed significant and be accepted as someone, something!” Writing sometimes is a solidified in the realms of solidarity. There is always the desire to see if what you have conjured up in an isolated space becomes something, something significant.

But a writer cannot read the mind of his or her audience unless he or she starts writing and somehow hopes. Hopes that someone, somebody, anybody would resonate with what is written, what has been worked out in isolated spaces of solidarity.

But if the only intention for a writer to write is because he or she wants to be heard, he or she ceases to become who they are supposed to be. In turn they will eventually be what they think what others want them to be.

There is always the tension, played in the mind and desires of every writer to be heard, and be defined also by who they are. How does one juggle between these two tensions and find their definitive voice and personality in what they write and seek to achieve?

Do you struggle with this? Do you want to be heard and at the same time have your own voice?

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