blooming flowers in the ocean winter

Chinese carved Jade ornament with flower desig...
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what smell is the dream of blossom,
of flowers blooming,
life in bright hopeful colors.

breath in sweet fragrance,
i place beauty between your ears,
and kiss your rouge cheeks.

we shared whispers,
as if tomorrow never came,
this moment was always today.

your eyes mirror my face,
and there i peered into feeling,
i felt locked forever in your prison,

but our journey was like the sea,
oceans colored in blue majestic,
mystery beneath tempestuous surface.

we held our hands,
and hoped for serene placidity,
but hope did not hold on.

for each to hold,
our weight together,
it would sink us both,
as breath would waters
slowly bury.

to salvage life,
my hand let go,
and you swam across the surface for safety,
while i sank,
into the mystery of the deep.

i still wait,
there in the deep,
and hope for your face,
to skim the surface…

but alas,
my hope has gathered to nothing,
and now i am one,
with the deep.

i shall return to the surface
no more.

what smell is the dream of blossom,
but flowers falling from their stem,
and winter has paled life from breathing.


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