Read between the lines

I gave the world to you (talking about the plastic globe he gave her for her birthday),
and this is how you repay me???! (she pays for their time out.)

(she stares at him)

I would go the mile for you (depending if his car was ok after counless times being in the repair shop),

Scale mount everest even (if he took up exercising and shed a few pounds…ok, a lot of pounds!!!).

swim rivers infested with sharks (as we all know sharks are salt water creatures).

I would do ANYTHING for you and you know it! (like the time he whined whenever she wanted him to accompany her shopping, or insisted they watch “Wrong Turn 4” when she said she didnt like gore…yep that’s doing Anything alright.)

(she sheds a tear…ok, a lot of tears.)

(she says to him back): I know, I know…that’s why I take you back.

Love is blind,
love is deaf,
love sometimes is stupid.

Sorry, I have no profound thoughts on a sick day or week! So a little humor might be good.

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