Illustration depicting thought.
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i am furnished by layers of skin,
and under them tissues and muscles,
bones and veins,
blood and liquids,
complete with organs,
that function,
like motors,
of nuts and bolts,
pumped by a heart beating,
oxygen breathing,
brain thinking,
body moving,
i am human.

and i conceal,
all this interwoven,
unit that makes,
the make-up,
of my becoming,
with fabric,
from the desire of
designers clothes
to those,
from labels that,
in them inspire awe,
thought up by people,
who have talents
to draw,
and conceptualize ideas,
and like light bulbs,
they jot down images,
thought up from thin air.

and with the skill of hands,
one sews cloths,
and knit them,
like an artist painting,
with concentration,
in order to create an extension,
of what humans,
would wear,
to conceal,

and in the thought,
of materials,
gaining the upper hand,
and now becomes the object,
of affection,
becomes a baffling endowment,
of our degraded perception.

seeking fulfillment in the extension,
of what was created,
and imagined,
by thoughts,
encapsulated by the mind,
and made physical,
by hands,
where the cycle of affection should be,
the very beings,
who have transpired,
just fragments of their dreams,
but the genius lies,
not in the creation,
but the creator.

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