Just is

Sometimes in life
When we tun to the question
Seeking out answers to find.

Of viable leanings
For reasonable answers
Hope to breathing in time

What explanation
Do we give
If beauty resides
Even when
Sometimes prevail
The journey all take inside

To sing even though
In the valley of shadows
Depriving whatever seems calm.

Still there is peace if we
Desire to seek it
Not beyond our grasps to find.

Note: I write some stuff which I put to a tune. This is one of them that came spontaneously after watching something uplifting and some reflection on a statement in my head which went something like this: sometimes we can’t explain any reasonable logic to why we hope, sometimes it just is.” I’m not sure what to call this piece so I’ll just name it “just is.” I’ll probably rename it if I find a better title. I’ll post a recording of the piece later.

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