Incline your ears: Psalms 1

Why do I see those who disregard your way, your law, to be those who others see as “blessed?”

They do what as they please, and reap up all the wealth. And what they have are more than one can hold, but those who have none, they are the scorned, cursed as they’ve been told.

Why do they, whom the poor taunt as wicked but far be it for them to utter this on their lips, for many would shut their mouths, “Be Silent! You shall not speak this way again!”

And so for hope in what but wait? And so have faith in what but words? When will your hands stretch and mend what have stains made living filth? Are you not strong as that what have been mentioned from footprints of those who have walked by your side? Will your ears not hear the cries of those who wallow in their tears?

Incline your ears, for in this gravel, filled with mud from my own fears, though in darkened paved down paths where light is dim to guide my feet for them to tread, do not leave me, for in my pain I have in your words, inclined my mortal ears to hear.

Psalms 1-A response  


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