was beauty always what it is?

was beauty always what it is now or how did it first exist?

a hollow hole is dug
a lone seed is place
and in dark brown soil
it is now buried

trails of shredded leaves
raked with holes
and a cocoon
hangs near

one inclined in
the valley of tears
inscribing words
on shreds of paper

it matters for one to know that beauty once shared its place with darkness.


5 thoughts on “was beauty always what it is?

    1. j says:

      I guess sometimes poetry is more “feel” read than “understand” read. I don’t understand all those I read but there is something about how they make you feel. Well, that said this one has some philosophy behind it. I was trying to convey that, sometimes beauty, what we see in the present was not as it is in its beginning. I used 3 pictured depictions in explaining it. The first deals with a seed, insignificant in the beginning but later grows into something majestic e.g. flowers or a tree. Next a caterpillar, very ugly in the beginning but later turns into a beautiful butterfly. And lastly, the portrayal of writing poetry, mostly the painful ones…the feeling one goes through is ugly, but later in the form of writing they become something beautiful in terms of who they are presented in words. So the statement below all that is a way of explaining what i mean by beauty did not always look beautiful but it was once ugly.

      And if you really want to read into it, there is another meaning, that who we are now, insignificant though we are, maybe or probably later we too will be something “beautiful” later. There is the conveying of hope that lies in this poetry. Well that’s how I envisioned what i wanted this poem to mean. I wonder if Mongolians have poets of their own :).

  1. dnim detrevortni says:

    This reminded me of Aesop’s “the ant and the chrysalis”. Many judge according to appearances, to what they currently see, not taking into account the process that is involved in change and what tomorrow will bring.
    Definitely, “beauty once shared its place with darkness.”

    1. j says:

      I’m always interested in the genesis of things…as well as the middle narrative that had created what we see now but who know right, what will be seen later.

      1. dnim detrevortni says:

        It is definitely interesting. I believe it is in a way humbling for it prevents premature judgment on our part; if we judge beforehand we only judge ourselves when the final revelation proves otherwise and lets us know our folly.

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