Make it to the other side

The narrative that has so much made itself evident in the foray of experience that I’ve encountered is one that has always been true to a plot that depicts someone running and he reaches a chasm to get to the other side.

In order for the person to get to the other side he has to hold up several options.

1. To give up and walk away
2. To try whatever is in him to get to the other side and
3. To jump as if to act he tried but knowing he can’t he will plummet down anyway.

All three have been considered.

The first one was considered because it seems that there is no hope. But when there is mention of a light being seen at the end of the tunnel, it has reinvigorated some form of courage to move on.

So number two is the next option after the first has been shelved. This is coupled with point three which has some form of trying but somewhat carries with it a cynical tone and sounds very much like the first.

But number two sounds courageous. There is still the possibility of failure but until every ounce of energy is exhausted at the point of already jumping is realized, then it will show whether jumping to the other side is possible.

At this point I am jumping and it will take sometime to realize whether I will make it to the other side. At best everything at this moment is on pause. I am waiting. Waiting to see whether or not I will make it. Make it to the other side.

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