i held

i held to hands that did not hold
there was a looseness in her grip
i tried my best not to let go

eventually like storms that blew
there were no ships now sailed the waves
they all now sank beneath the blue


and even if my tears fall down like rain
because of sorrow bled in pain
it would not change this heart inside of you

and days go by and still i yearn
when there was rainbows after rain
but now only residue

she used to shine me with her smile
there was no nights i held inside
but now this darkness all brand new

i bid you well
though fading in
still holding on
but nothing gives
i wish you find someone
to sweep you off your feet

I wrote this humming Mumford and Sons “Home” so I don’t think it would be fair to publish this into a song. I just loved the melody and how it tweaks the heart in some mellow and warm feel. It sounds like sorrow in a beautiful way.

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