rebel sweetheart

rebel with a sweethear’s grin
sometimes I dont know where to begin
when the inevatable
seems like the only way in
about stories that would lead
lonely hearts again
to break its cycle of sin..
and the space
one takes to embrace
shared moments of grace
about times when
life was a cycle of
sweet infusion of rhymes…
it’s not a crime
i presume
to speak words
and resume
this journey that has taken me
along the edge of a cliff
almost falling
but still pressing on
not knowing where to
but going two steps and another
few more
this will do
for now
but ill leave “later”
and worry about the momentary present
that keeps on eluding every time I take
breaks inbetween working hours
not that im lazy
but just tired
knowing that when one tries to walk
amid seasons of crawling
everyone looks to jot in their books
writing off what they see but
dont care to know
the reason behind
interior motives…
even if you perceive that on the surface a rebel
there is also a slight chance for
this person to be a darling sweetheart.

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