gone but…

the silent will
the unseen still
the surface is what it seems
but greater than this
greater than this
falling but under
falling but deeper
but yet what i hold
is my own
for it is not yours
my night my dawn.

like the wind it catches her hair
graceful the dance but it tears
tears me inside
like hungry dogs preying on a wounded deer
no longer are you
by my side
no longer are you now
my dear.

and in the space of where
it should have been
should have been showers
met with cheer
choruses sweet for all to hear
but now
as the applause and smiles
are met before my eyes
they drown beneath
the drone of this
darkness breathing

yet i hold to an emptiness nothing
breath well
breath well
gone but then
not forgotten
i have made it here
but it was the other path you sailed
gone but not forgotten
breath well
sail well.

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