Pre-book judgement

my, my, that looks like a thick book
over a million pages
with billions of words stranded together.

it weighs a ton
no, no, that’s just an understatement
i’d say, “The weight of the world.”

inside are just words
they don’t mean anything
besides the exercise of reading
puts good people to sleep.

if i threw this
at a pedestrian on the street
when he’s not looking
you will hear sirens
you will see medics.

and like all books
they are handy
only as paper weights.

and this is how
sometimes we pass judgments
on people
before they are given the chance
to prove themselves.

5 thoughts on “Pre-book judgement

  1. Love this fresh take on “judging a book by its cover” – especially the darkly humorous image of throwing the book at someone (nice legal subtext!). Makes one think about the impact of careless words…well done.

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