Pause and gratitude

I have to say that I’ve not been writing much for about a month or so. Sometimes transitions in life work that way. 2011 has not been a friendly year for me, but come it’s execusion, the new year beckons new possibilities and challenges. That’s the only normality we have to live by anyway. There would be transitions in writing as well I guess. It’s been a revelation really, posting poems I wrote. They usually only make their way on shreds of paper or mostly in the privacy of my note books. But posting them on the blog has been exhilarating. A big thanks for those who have read them. You all are part of my recovery, reading comments of the stuff I posted has been good for my soul. I’ll probably post some reflections reminiscing 2011, but I’ll leave that for later.

There has always been a place for me to sit and be
To gaze upon lands of possibility
In the quiet of serenity
I escape to lands more real than dreams
And although it seems
That I would mostly walk in time alone
We share a common bond
The nameless and faceless
The named and revealed faces
I breath
And so do you
I bleed
As we all do
When you extend words adorned in beauty
They become to my heart sweet embraces
Until there are no more words to bathe concealment
All that is left to say
Yet never in an endless stream
I covey my humble gratitude
My breath has not been swept
Lost forever to the wind
There must be more
I can sit with you now
This playful grin.

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