For now

For now
And when
The clock strikes 12
In the early morning
Marking the new year
Yep it’s here
Har har
And so I’ll let
The dream
To be an unopened present
Vacate feelings to gather dust
For now that is
Until the time it so desires
I must muster strength
To withhold
Whatever the heart
Judges and so it thinks
As good judgement
Hard will
solid pavement
The thing that gathers no movement
Just stagnant
The “me” still growing
Out from the path of knowing
Just stay
A little while
Enough for me to know
The probings
Of this beating longing
If you hear it
Will you please?
I’m waiting
For the caller on the other line
When oh when is time
When will sparks fly?
Like fireworks exploding in the sky?
How’s it been for you?
I wouldn’t know
Because I wouldn’t ask
Because I’ll just gather
Myself and Wait.


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