In her own words

She sheds down raindrops they fall
Gathers herself but she crawls
Alone with no shelter she calls
Hear me, hear me

Cries from the distant we hear
So gather our ears then we’ll see
The lonely as vast as the sea
Hear me, hear me…

Wounds that cut deep to the heart
Bleeding, a sign when two depart
Hold on the past and thinking it would last
But the present she holds on defeat

She walks under canopy sheets
She cries now herself so to speak
Her song in the night hear the melody saying
Heal me, heal me

“Cover my sorrows from loveless tomorrows
Whisper words that I could then borrow
And if pools of tears would make it easy to hear
But still I haven’t the slightest idea”

“Bruised to the core and amber flame burning
I try to breath light over these circumstances
Meaning eludes from my grip
I know that alone no healing will come on my own.”

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