I have dreams

I have dreams
That just write themselves sometimes
On the empty dark canvas of my mind
And I mull over them thinking of the distant future
Some are grand in how I envision their outcome
Explosive in nature
I can just see them blowing up like colorful fireworks in the black night sky.

I have dreams which
I then take up to write them down on white sheets of paper
Or just Microsoft word or my iPad
I just love this digital age
Where storage is the abundance of memories saved
Which is good if one knows how to use them and what to use them for.

I have dreams
That are just like what I said about above
Grand, safely tucked and neatly stored
Never seeing the light of day
Thinking this is one of those “sigh” moments
Of never actually giving them
The living space to breath.

I have dreams
But most of them
Only my imagination of how reality would look like
If I make them somehow come alive.

5 thoughts on “I have dreams

    1. haha. this poem was penned thinking about dreams and reflected in the first person perspective. sounds personal and it is but it invites the readers to connect with it.

  1. first person. haha the very first time i heard that was in literature class aeons ago. on connecting, maybe some ppl already are 😉

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