Brokenness and then after

And in my brokenness
Where pain constricts my chest
To breathe a steady motion rest
Far from it does my physical stance
It regress-es
Into a place where
The dark pervades
And it’s arms embrace
The fear that beats throbbingly
In a crescendo leap
This feel I wish for not myself to keep
And yet it stays
And at times for days
I have lost count
Have grown tired at counting
A burden to which
Alone I am not able to lift…
But why should this be
This feel that makes the song of the grave
A melodic chorus that promises escape
To mean freedom?
Why am I brought low
To taste the dust where my very feet
It treads upon to walk?
Such mysteries are beyond my construction of logic
To decipher and understand…
Because unless I know what it means to be broken
I am far from knowing what hope means in waiting
Soul craving
And then later when healing comes.

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