Inner strife it is sometimes a struggle

What path do you have for me dear friend?
(One I only would call saviour or much believed Lord?)
Are they strolls amid the soft cool breeze
Clean pathways where walking feels effortless
Wide open and so I am spoiled for choices?
I long to feel freedom pumping through my veins
To run and not grow tired
To attain withouth much effort
I want the road that leads to bliss
And so no pain would obstruct the journey
I want this, and in it I crave.
But in getting there am I attaining what life changing is
Or are they just my own dreams obstructing something bigger
Something greater
Let me not cast my visions of selfish dreams as what the mandate calls for
I am less of what I think I should be
Let me increase you to set you free
And to the potter who shapes and molds
Help my willingness to embrace your holds
And to the one who should command my life
Let me cease the to struggle
And eradicate this inner strife.

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