(un)Desiring the new

New birth
Implies and older one perishing
Laid down metaphorically
Because the person in the intersection of language
As mentioned
Is still an embodied presence
In essence this idea merits some form of attention
To imagination
Employing a two way communication
The invisible giving birth to the visible
And in the translation of the unseen
The concrete is made certain
However hazy explanations might construe.
What evidence might one deploy for the banishment of questions
Or that a militant assault on doubt be decapitated
Emancipated triumphantly?
There might be valid rationalization
Weaved in a scientific and intelligent way
But if the language is not communicating
That thread of longing affection
Probed deep in the enclaves of the heart
Then whatever explanation given
Will only fall
To ears that hear
And brimstones
And an old life
Wanting and thinking it is breathing new.

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