Talent is not everything

The world likes to be wowed, and I guess all of us do; being mesmerised by flashes of brilliance and swept away by charisma. We’re all awed by talent. We even have shows that focus specifically on talent.

But, one thing I’m learning now, once my infatuation fades with this thing called talent; it’s not something that holds. It’s not a sturdy foundation. If we build ourselves on talent and charisma alone, we wont make it in the long run. We’d just be one hit wonders. Remembered today, forgotten tomorrow.

Add talent with discipline. And then as discipline kicks in consistency would be the thing that fuels passion.

If I see talent now, I’d hold back the real applause until I see some discipline and consistency. But most notably, humility.

One thought on “Talent is not everything

  1. The final hurdle is high. People with talent that have the discipline and achieve consistency tend to have teachers, trainers, coaches and friends or partners constantly telling them how good they are. Their confidence remains rigid and they achieve some level recognisably higher than the average. But the resulting ego fails at your final fence of humility so often because they need affirmation of their greatness.
    There are examples of the aciever who early on, sees the arrogance in others and steers away from it usually for the sake of those around them in family for example.
    Thankyou for your blog.

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