Interstellar (not a review)

After reading (light reading really) through some reviews (not that many) and googling about the movie “Interstellar,” I finally went to watch it. I’m a big fan of the Nolan brothers (because of the Batman trilogy and Inception), so I didn’t really think much about whether to watch the movie or not. The important thing was “when.”

That “when” was Monday and it was my off day anyway.

I’m not gonna offer a review of any kind because I guess there is too many things to consider and think of. Plus I’m not a scientist and won’t do any justice speaking about the facts or the non facts of the movie.

But what the movie did for me (which a lot of movies have done as well) was, it made me think and reflect. Nothing new about this since i’m an introvert, it’s like second nature already. Anyway getting back on track…

Although I didn’t have the mind to digest the science, logic and theories embedded in the movie, I still appreciated it. My friend who was with me (who watched the movie 3 times already) was asking me, “Did you understand the movie?” I answered, “I didn’t understand it but I get it.”

Yes, I know I’m being vague in answering his question. But then that was how it felt for me. I didn’t have to understand everything to appreciate the movie. The parts that were way above my head, I just left them as just stuff I don’t understand. The stuff I thought were, “Come on! Where’s the logic in that!” I simply told myself that it was just a movie and the logic of things were in the head and mind of the creator. And the stuff I could understand, well, I resonated with. Again, a mixed bag but I enjoyed the movie. I’d probably watch it again if someone paid my ticket but I really did enjoy it. As a whole it really was a good movie.

This was the main reflection though, logic as we know informs and makes us understand. If the movie was based on logic alone we’re be bored stiff with it. Now add mystery in the mix, then you’re going somewhere. Logic informs and gives understanding, mystery draws us in and make us have seconds or probably more than that.

9 thoughts on “Interstellar (not a review)

    1. Thanks for the “pointless writing” comment. My opinion still stands. If you don’t like the movie move on. I just browsed through your link and thought. Yawn as well.

      1. Then you obviously lack insight when it comes to movies. Just stop with the pretentiousness and explore further. there are better films made by better filmmakers than Chris Nolan and anyone in the Hollywood system, jungle boy!

      2. “lack of insight”- never claimed i’m an expert did you notice?
        “better films by other filmmakers”- ofcourse there are. You watch what you like and i have no problem with that.

        It seems for a smart feller like you, you treat movies as truth. LOL. Poor thing. A jungle boy has much more insight that a so called smart city person. If you don’t like the movie, bitch about it all you like. For all I care, I like it.

      3. since when i wrote “treat movies as truth.”… not necessarily (a bonus if it is) but claiming interstellar as a great movie from you goes to show you really lack any awareness to everything that is genuinely great out there. Let’s agree to disagree for now for each of our sentiments. Peace (piss) out!

  1. Of course you did not write “treat movies as truth”…that’s how i treat your comments and how you make them sound. Just look at this statement: “claiming interstellar as a great movie from you goes to show you really lack any awareness to everything that is genuinely great.” The only right way is your way…and whenever someone has different point of view you mow them down. Peace out…yet you implied “piss.” Hail to the one who knows it all. What do I know actually. Only smart people like you are very knowledgeable. But please learn how to give out opinions. You might be a pro in the knowledge department but you my friend have the lowest IQ when it comes to dialogue. Probably that’s why you only seem strong on keyboards and punching out comments.

  2. says the one who is typing the crappiest poetry section I’ve ever read on any website. Yucks!

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