A scandal that is known all throughout the world but yet the thief walks clean because of the abuse of authority built on the foundation that “cash is king.”

Arrogant men who speak as if their position of authority is ingrained in them and will not escape them.

Money looted, the rich get richer, and whoever would voice reason or seek to topple greed either get dethroned from their positions, or worst, imprisoned, murdered.

(Reasoning) Malaysians cried foul but the dark clouds continued to hover.

Remember that hope exists because apparently, it looks like nothing could be done.

Then two “sworn” enemies shook hands, embraced. Something you don’t see happening often- stuff one only finds in fiction.

People who have never voted before showed up- people who cared less about what was happening in the nation paid attention- and so people voted.

9/5/18 is a day Malaysians will remember fondly, remember proudly.

The toppling down of a 61 year ruling super power.


I’ve shun away from letting my views emerge. First because I’ve never voted and GE14 was the first time I did make one vote count. Second because the majority living in Sarawak are still pro-BN (it’s funny that they are known as the opposition now). People get heated up in political debates, friendships can grow sour and all that can happen. But i’m convicted of something Jordan Peterson talks about.

He says that, people who often reflect on historical moments- important one like during the Nazi’s in Germany, many would reflect and put themselves in the shoes of the Jews (victims) and those who helped the Jews and spoke against the government of the day (many of those who died or imprisoned doing so). But it’s funny, Peterson notes. No one comes out of this reflection and puts themselves as citizens who followed the Nazi ideology. A lot of these people were good people but they let their conscience and actions flow with the government of the day.

Reflecting on this, i’m reminded that we are all capable of evil; even the innocent quiet ones, the ones that shuts their ears, the ones that don’t do anything. We can avoid evil by taking a stand. To listen to the voice of conscience.

Malaysia- has slayed the giant. Now is the time to Rebuild.


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