This thing about forgetting

Can we forget?

If the thing we want to forget is the very thing that stabs

Deep down, inflicting wounds?

If the very thing inhales the very life of you

And robs you of your dreams?

If the very thing blurs vision and whatever that was of importance

To ashes? Worthless, lifeless, and soon carried off into the wind?

Never to return to its former form because

You’re burying the remains of what was

Just not that deep but you’ve put enough soil

To keep it under. Just enough or so it seems.

I don’t think we’re meant to forget because memories

They come back,

They get jolted into the present because something in the moment

Conjures the past.

We don’t forget because we’re human and how much we do or want to suppress

Won’t erase the past.

They stand and will always stand as that part of your story

That particular part.

We don’t forget because we’re made up that way,

Wired that way.

If we can’t forget what should we do with those parts that spell


Like all wounds, like how we’re made up, it will heal.

We dour it with medication,

We bandage,

And with time, we attend to it when need be.

From time to time we open the bandage and see,

And repeat the process of attention

Until one day our attention shifts from feeling pain to just reminders.

Eventually it heals and no more attention is needed.

Wounds that are deep and when healed leaves a scar.

A scars only means that there was a time when it was painful but now there is none of that available.

We remember that phase when it was so, just minus the sharp searing feeling.

We don’t forget

We just remember rightly

That which was at one point unbearable

Has no effect in us moving forward.

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