all i know

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at the wake of dawn
held to days undone
in the afternoon sun
warm drops of rain they come

and as the journey unfolds
counting what i have gained

it was not gold
nor riches untold
it was not fame
or rainbows after rain

but all i know is pain
this will remain

console the wounded heart
the cries for one held dear
console the broken one
give to the bread of hope

and as the journey unfolds
counting what i have gained

it was not gold
nor riches untold
it was not fame
or rainbows after rain

but all i know is pain
this will remain


This poem is my attempt in interpreting the of story Bryon Widner. This one really took awhile to write. The story echoes a narrative of what I’d call “second chance.” As much as I’m interpreting what I read, there are parts where this poem is auto-biographical as well. It is my hope that you resonate with the tone and emotions depicted in the poem. 


…are hard to come by.


The PAST is at times like bloodstains on white colored fabric.


one that would never go away
it stays
Remaining on the surface.

A disfigurement of a former glory
even after washing
still remains.




Like seasons where a caterpillar weaves up into a cocoon,
an anticipation occurs,
ugly takes a makeover,
in the form of a whole transformation.




Call it evolution
Call it rejuvenation
Call it a reincarnation
call it metamorphism
call it redemption
call it
to be HUMAN.

Widening the chasms of the past,

…who i was,
a fire breathing dragon.

to who I am,
inhaling back the flames…

…is not always easy…

…Even if it is as far as the East is to the West.

Erasure? is it even possible?
of one’s disclosure,
of an already written story,
the past forever.
To one being written,
the future
an unraveling.



Is it just, skin-DEEP?

Though murky echoes,

of past lingers by,


The horizon speaks,

of another story,



amid the stains below my feet,


amid the fumes of my confession,

in the anguish of breathing penance,

in the narrative of second-chances,

my restoration,

made complete by,


prosperity or the cross?

we must have different ways of interpretation
or it’s just me not wearing my glasses
since i don’t have 20/20 vision…
did god promise us
or simply
denial or self and

Matthew 16
24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save their life[a] will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. 26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?


“Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than the stories and the people we’re quoting.” John Green (H/T: pageflirt)

I try so hard to be objective in my own thoughts when I read something and strand them into an essay or a post to give an overview of a certain argument with the intention that when I finally reach the conclusion, where  I think it’s only at the last stance of my overall comprehension of the overview, and only then state my case, I probably read myself more into what I thought as an overview of a subject in the words of people I quoted telling you what they thought about this and that and how they view things, I guess in that it’s just the scholarly way of telling people…the overview is actually the larger details of what is encapsulated in my conclusions.

And observing what I wrote above, I used the full-stop only once and apart from interpreting the quotation which I found fascinating, I never heard of John Green or know what’s he is all about (who is he anyway?). It simply tells the fact that I love the quote cause it tells me more about me rather than the wisdom of John Green.

Confining what was meant to go Viral

The title you read above is a short article I wrote that my good friend Kurt Willems posted on his blog. Below is a little snippet of the it:

“Last month I went to the movies and watched “Contagion.” in short it was a movie depicting a wide spreading virus, which was unknown, and untreatable. Well that’s until they found a vaccine to somewhat contain the virus from spreading virally. I am not intending to give my review of the movie, on whether it was great and you should watch it, but there is something that got me thinking about the words “confinement,” “viral,” and in some sense how it relates to Christianity.” Read the rest of the article by clicking the link here

something about Medium being the Message

Coptic Icon in Jerusalem
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Just some thoughts reflecting on a post by James K.A. Smith entitled “The Medium is the Message.”

The medium is the message. But often times we think what we ‘tag’ with the medium is the real message we are promoting. So the question we need to ask is “What influences our medium?” (To simply tag somethng with a medium is to add something we think of enhancing our medium). Whatever influences our medium will eventually become the message we bring.

So we might wanna ask ourselves, if we wanted to express love (message) to someone what is the influence behind the medium of our expression? It’s the same with Christian Worship (Smith’s book entitled Desiring the Kingdom is an exposition of this very idea “medium is message”). Taking a quote from the blog post by Smith he states that,

“The Gospel is not a “content” that can be distilled and just dropped into any old “form” that seems hip or relevant or attractive. You can’t distill Jesus from Christian worship and then just drop him into the mall or the coffee shop or the concert: while you might think you’re “Jesu-fying” this medium, in fact you just end up commodifying Jesus.”

It’s worth reconsidering how we do worship taking Smith’s proposal. Or any medium we use to relay a message because in the end “the medium becomes the message.”


monster living

Cloverfield monster
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in all of us,
though we may be full of grace and loving,
hiding and lurking,
is still a monster living.

Note: Though we might think that we’re not as bad as the other person, and we pride ourselves in our potentials and capabilities, we have to acknowledge that we do have a tendency of monstorocity. The short poem above was inspired reading this piece by Peter Rollins.



sunset every single day

stuck in between
like when it’s just sunset every single day

neither morning
nor is it ever night
stuck in between
like when it’s just sunset every single day

the breeze touches my face
moving on but im still holding on to past embrace
stuck in between
like when it’s just sunset every single day

we are forever
only in the truth of a dream
stuck in between
like when it’s just sunset every single day

the ocean a vast majestic mystery
like how i question my misery
stuck in between
like it’s just sunset every single day

Note: I wrote this while listening to this song by A Fine Frenzy called “Almost Lovers.”