suspended animation

Picture an evening at a party, underneath a clear cool night and the music playing, let’s say it’s “You Don’t Know Me.”

He asked:
may i have this dance with you?
cause it’s a lovely night
and i’d hate to spoil the mood
when the music is played to this soulful tune.

She thought:
I look at him and think, why not?
it wouldn’t hurt
it’s just a dance
and he does look good.

He whispered in her ear:
You look beautiful tonight,
it’s like you presence
radiates all traces of the darkest night,
I was then a blind man and have now seen the light.

She smiled and gazed into his eyes
warmed by the words that came out from his mouth
they seem sincere
but who could tell from sultry words enveloped
taken from the interpretation of her throbbing heart.

And then it was just silence between them,
no words were spoken,
as they swayed willingly,
from the breeze of melodies that blew them into rhythm,
they both embraced tonight as if it was freedom.

And when it was over,
he leaned to kiss her cheek,
she did not resist him,
and he said in his charming voice,
“Thank you for having that dance with me.”
and he walked away…into the night,
as she stood still,
and looked at him go.

sunset every single day

stuck in between
like when it’s just sunset every single day

neither morning
nor is it ever night
stuck in between
like when it’s just sunset every single day

the breeze touches my face
moving on but im still holding on to past embrace
stuck in between
like when it’s just sunset every single day

we are forever
only in the truth of a dream
stuck in between
like when it’s just sunset every single day

the ocean a vast majestic mystery
like how i question my misery
stuck in between
like it’s just sunset every single day

Note: I wrote this while listening to this song by A Fine Frenzy called “Almost Lovers.”

hope against hope

she danced gracefully
in the state of encompassing darkness,
with her sights fixed,
to gaze the shadow of hope,
where a dim light perched,
her sight to see.
when all dreams seems lost and fading,
she danced to the tune,
that life is a journey,
to discover courage
in hope against hope.


Note: It was said that this was the only photo that Anne Frank had when she wrote her diary. The idea of the poem above was conjured from this video and to which I took this photo from and hence my reflection of what I see in it.

sing me a song

Just hummed this melody while i was..they say inspiration can jump right at you from almost anywhere so this one came while i was doing my business. Well it’s not meant to be perfect but i liked how the word flowed so here is “sing me a song.” I think someone else will be better suited to sing them. So i can supply the words and all that so are there any voices for me to borrow?

sing me a song
when i’m all alone
play out this tune
and ill play with you

i hope that the tears
that fall to the ground
that one day
they will be found

dreams are not made
by waiting alone
placed in the shelter
for safe hands to hold

and i hope that tears
that fall will be found
that one day
emerge from the ground