antics of a failed system

compounding bouts of doubt
in the faceless answers everyone gives
can depth of substance be captivated
by a shallow grasp of knowing that always starts with innocence

evading complications and probing questions
put a deaf ear to the seeking
good enough to leave them stranded
as their thoughts disintegrate into thin particles of vapor
only to come back heavy as they were before

and with the finger you point only to faults
pounding the nail further, burying the hatchet deeper
creating a wound that would not go
have you forgotten that the listening ear is better
than your self righteous jargon that beckons a representation
of your own baseless arguments

i believe you have made more
believing doubts
leaving the fold to blossom further
the chasm of knowing

Who or What gets punished?

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In a hell envisioned by the religious police, those who would be taking most of the severe punishment imaginable are Heineken, Tiger, and other beer brands. Joining them are Jack Daniels and the legions of liquor. They will be torture in the lake of fire of eternal judgment. 

And if you thought that it was only them, Cigarettes will suffer the same consequences as the alcoholic beverages in eternal punishment. Only, I’m not sure how punishing cigarettes by burning them would mean much to them…they already suffer from lethal burning back on earth.

Mens hair will also be thrown to the lake of fire. We need to make it clear though, only those that are long will be condemned for clarifications sake least we think any hair style will be condemned.

Joining ‘mens hair’ would be woman’s clothing. Again there needs to be clarification here…only the sexy ones needs to be punished and thrown to their eternal condemnation because of how they influence human beings.

Tattoos, which were inked on human skins would be skinned off and thrown in as well for that matter. I don’t know how they are gonna do this but they made it clear to me that it will be done regardless.

The list goes on though…I’m getting tired as I type. But the ironic thing is…there are those that escape punishment here.

Sin, which started the whole rebellion (well, insinuated by Satan for clarifications sake) goes unpunished. Too much attention is given on ‘worldly’ things that the real culprit escapes…

Well…i think that’s how the state of hell looks like in the reality of the religious police.