Interstellar (not a review)

After reading (light reading really) through some reviews (not that many) and googling about the movie “Interstellar,” I finally went to watch it. I’m a big fan of the Nolan brothers (because of the Batman trilogy and Inception), so I didn’t really think much about whether to watch the movie or not. The important thing was “when.”

That “when” was Monday and it was my off day anyway.

I’m not gonna offer a review of any kind because I guess there is too many things to consider and think of. Plus I’m not a scientist and won’t do any justice speaking about the facts or the non facts of the movie.

But what the movie did for me (which a lot of movies have done as well) was, it made me think and reflect. Nothing new about this since i’m an introvert, it’s like second nature already. Anyway getting back on track…

Although I didn’t have the mind to digest the science, logic and theories embedded in the movie, I still appreciated it. My friend who was with me (who watched the movie 3 times already) was asking me, “Did you understand the movie?” I answered, “I didn’t understand it but I get it.”

Yes, I know I’m being vague in answering his question. But then that was how it felt for me. I didn’t have to understand everything to appreciate the movie. The parts that were way above my head, I just left them as just stuff I don’t understand. The stuff I thought were, “Come on! Where’s the logic in that!” I simply told myself that it was just a movie and the logic of things were in the head and mind of the creator. And the stuff I could understand, well, I resonated with. Again, a mixed bag but I enjoyed the movie. I’d probably watch it again if someone paid my ticket but I really did enjoy it. As a whole it really was a good movie.

This was the main reflection though, logic as we know informs and makes us understand. If the movie was based on logic alone we’re be bored stiff with it. Now add mystery in the mix, then you’re going somewhere. Logic informs and gives understanding, mystery draws us in and make us have seconds or probably more than that.

“to speak another way”

Pins rouges...!!!

as i sit and reflect
as i always do
on any given day
a voice in the distant tells me
“to speak another way.”

as i try to get my mind around
the sentence
that had suddenly
popped up out of magical thin air
“to speak another way.”

it now plays like a haunting melody
that dances
all around like someone hallucinating fairies
and round and round my head they go
as it continually says
“to speak another way.”

i try to pry its cryptic message
and deconstruct the worded sentence
i lift it up against the light
to see what i might find
but on and on it keeps on saying
“to speak another way.”

i guess today
i’ll just try to let it be
and maybe later
or sometime
when everything is still
its meaning will probably spill
but for now this condescending mantra,
keeps on saying,
“to speak another way.”

If our minds were mute

I imagine a world where my mind is mute. Not mute in a way that says that my mind has been depraved to think, but mute because I have no questions. But why this obsession with questions? Now questions are conjured because we lack some form of knowledge, we lack some form of understanding to comprehend something, someone, a condition we face, and I could go on and on, but I think you know where I’m going with this. We ask questions because we don’t know the answers.

But what if the world we live in, has nothing in it that provides our minds and thoughts, our senses, our emotions and feelings, to sometimes come to a point of wonder? What if preconceived in us, are the answers to everything? What if we know so much that we don’t have to know nothing at all?

That’s how imagined my mind would be; mute. Just a solemn defining quietness. We wouldn’t need conversations because conversations are used to sometimes derive some form of information. We have conversations to know the other person, or to know something about the other person or just about something or someone. But if the world we live in does not inhabit a sense of wonder in us, a sense of mystery for us to continually discover, we will lose the ability for questions, for communication, for beauty, for sorrow, for pain and all the things mortal humans grapple with or adore.

If there was no mystery, there would be no questions. If there was no questions there would be no wonder. If there was no wonder, then only a deafening silence would prevail. And with that, our thought would all be mute.

So the point of being human is to know that we are finite, mortals. We live to discover, and interpret meaning in a world that beckons us to grapple it in a vast mystery.

It’s funny that I thought about this when I wrote out a comment on a friend’s Facebook status.

The Mystery of the Deep

Mystery fiction
Image by bricolage.108 via Flickr

Here is something to think about.

I look at a car, my computer, a cup or something we humans have made up, we are filled with the same information. We know what cars are made up. There are magazines that talk about that. Their rims, the latest engines and all that. I’m not much of an automobile buff, which is sad because that might undermine my masculinity, but yes, all the same information crops up. If you read enough, you’ll know enough. I mean we can’t do much to adorn them with our affection. This is where words come in, or rather our emotions infused with words that is. I mean, have you read a beautiful description of how a car is made up with it’s parts?

But channel this to something that borders to the lines of mystery, and what do you get? Beautiful words thread together in emotional wonder. Things like pain baffles us but people can come up with beautiful reflections when they try to describe their feelings. Love is also a mystery. So there are constant thoughts written to convey what it means. A person we have affection for also becomes the subject of our words laden in wonder.

It is something baffling at times when I reflect this. What we can describe and know for sure, with touch and sight, we have not many traces of beautiful reflection for. And what we find as mystery, and try to conjure meaningful description, that we can shower with thoughts that can lead to eternity.

Deep things are ladened in mystery. Deep things propel our minds to wonder. Deep things, we shall not run out of words that speak to explain their beauty and importance. For deep conjure mystery. Deep propel us to orbit space and know we never can fully embrace it’s vastness. Deep is like gazing the surface of the sea and knowing that in the depths lies still, a mystery our minds will never fill.