What I’ve Learned while Blogging

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I’ve been blogging for something like roughly 4 years or is that 3? I haven’t been keeping count. I have this scribbling itch to write, and blogging has helped me keep that itch to write to great measures. I’m not your accomplished writer but I think I’m progressing and have somehow honed some skills in writing. I hope someday it lands me some deal where I get to write and get paid doing so. That would be a great thing.

But the best thing about blogging is that you get to express some of the ideas you have stuck in your head. Ideas you once thought of as absurd or somewhat crazy but somehow, in a magical way connect with readers who make time to read the stuff you write about. They don’t always have to agree but it keeps your creativity intact. Now I don’t get floodgates of responses from people but I see the progress of click on my posts. The more click I get the more I think I’m somewhat improving. Or so I hope.

I’ve learned also some hard lessons as well. Like some posts when posted can’t be taken back, well that’s me borrowing and expanding on a line from Pearl Jam‘s song “Nothing Man” (…some words when spoken can’t be taken back.) So it has taught me something about conveying ideas. Some might not be all that happy about stuff I’ve written.

I’ve also learned that you are opening yourself to a plethora of ideas, reading other people’s ideas and learning from their comments and posts they put out. I’ve actually made good friends as well. That is the best thing for me about blogging really. The point where interacting with people is about as good as it gets.

I probably have loads of things to say on this particular subject but I have to stop here. I keep telling friends that they too should start blogging. Other people have also expressed what they have learned through their experiences in blogging. Do read up this particular post by Michael Hyatt on what he learned through his own experience.

Do you have your own experience as well? I’d be happy to hear about them.

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