Something about Wearing “Sunday’s Best”

Las Vegas BLVD : dress-code

I’m not so much of a legalist when it comes to dress codes. But for me to state it out just like that, I’ve had people brand me promoting indecency which is rather harsh without giving me the time to explain myself. A commentator got the impression that I would condone girls wearing bras to church. That kept me scratching my head.

I find that some ministers as well, although they have their own way of explaining about the whole issue, tend to be too dogmatic about their views. Their presentations always come out harsh and condemning, which for me only adds fuel to the fire.

But if you’re looking for a good explanation about this whole issue on dress codes to church, you might want to read this blog post entitled “Wearing Sunday’s Best and Forbidden flip flops,” which I found to be wise and biblical.

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