Eugene Peterson’s Memoir

Inspired by a book title called “Eat This Book,” a friend of mine entitled his blog, “Eat This Blog.” Well jokes on the side, “Eat This Book” is written by Eugene Peterson, and this title happens to be book no.3 of the 5 part series on Peterson’s spiritual theology.

I read the first book while doing a course in spiritual theology and this book rehabilitated the sense to see life is not divided up in parts but an everything we do is spiritual. I read the second book during a though time in my life and it helped me follow Jesus. The third book I read for a review and it helped me gain appreciation in reading the bible. I haven touched the fourth book yet, because it’s not here with me. I haven’t bought the fifth which is the last one because money is always an issue when buying books (but i’ll eventually get it to complete my collection).

Peterson’s latest offering is a memoir about his life as a pastor. The title of the book is “The Pastor: A Memoir.” This is one book that I’ll have to get and read. Would make a good addition to my Eugene Peterson collection. But, I’m more interested to hear about the story of his life as a pastor. But for now, weighing my wallet, this book will have to wait. Anyway you can know some information of the book based on this link which has an interview with Peterson and an excerpt of the book. If you’re a pastor, I’ll have to say that go ahead, do something good for yourself today; buy the book and read it!

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