Books, Not Available and Too Pricey

Yesterday I made my way to KLCC and browsed through Kinokuniya bookstore. I was thinking of whether to get Miroslav Volf‘s book “Allah: A Christian Response,” which according to the Kinokuniya’s website was available. But upon browsing and looking through the bookshelves, I couldn’t find the book. Fearing that someone had bought it before me, I checked at the machine where it gave out a print out of the book’s availability. It read, “In stock” and to ask for assistance from the information counter to find it.

So I happily walked towards the nearest information counter to ask about where I could find the book in the store. To my dismay, the lady at the counter told me, “Sorry, this book has been sent back to the publisher due to the subject matter of the book.” I guess it was too good to be true that a book like this would make it to the shores of Malaysia. And it does spell that the Allah issue is still a hot button in Malaysia.

I also asked whether the bookstore was able to order Kevin Vanhoozer‘s “Remythologizing Theology: Divine Action, Passion and Authorship.” And again to my dismay, although being able to order the book the price was way off my budget! The estimate price they gave me was RM 772.48!

Well, these are some of the realities of being in Malaysia.

2 thoughts on “Books, Not Available and Too Pricey

    1. I’m not surprised that it’s not available actually because I anticipated it. But when I checked Kinokuniya’s website they had it in stock for about a month, now that surprised me! But it’s too good to be true after all. Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out soon.

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