Beauty is just like that

What makes you beautiful
Should not be just
The plain surface
Although I wouldn’t mind
If beauty would be something defined
By someone with a pretty face
But that’s just me sidetracking
Guys do that
After all I am still someone who appreciates
Beauty like the flat blue ocean surface
Even the waves make up for what I mean
There’s a rhythm to the waves
Blown by the wind
What my eyes want to embrace
But when I hear stories
Of the mysteries that lies beneath
The ocean bed
I’m floored
Sometimes speechless
Sometimes half dead
I’m still grasping what it means when I think
It’s not rocket science
But sometimes it just feels like it
It’s not just laiden in mystery
But the simplicity makes it mean so deep
It’s a crazy thing really
To try and separate simple from depth
To cheat death for the sake of living
Sometimes beauty is like that
You know
But yet you still don’t
But yeah
Beauty is just like that.

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