The World Still Has Moral Values

I think  the world and its ways are perverted. Which is true. I personally have no arguments with that. But in a way I guess we as Christians have put too much direction to that idea until all we think of the world and its ways are only bad. Some even make statements that the world is only bent on immoral leanings.

With recent knowledge of sex exploits of famous leading sports men in the form of Tiger Woods and the recent one to surface, John Terry’s affair coming to light it is amusing to see that the loose morals of the world not really looking loose. The way that the media projects them, the way the crowds react to the sports men, the way that people are talking about the issue on the net and other media platforms shows that morals are still in, in a sense.

Well although we might argue that somehow it projects a distorted moral bent, but at least we can say that the issue with moral values are still pretty much something that people still think of as important, even though it acts like it is not.

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