Loving the Bride

In 2008 I was given the fine opportunity to work in church after completing my 3 years theological studies in Miri. I was ecstatic and somewhat delighted at the prospect to serve in a local church fulltime. Well I only stayed for one year and my contract ended somewhat abruptly. I blogged about this a few times somewhere. Well these are just a few things I learnt from my experience and I hope it can help you, or on a lighter side help you laugh.

1. I learned that it was not appropriate for those in leadership to say that they felt down or feeling depressed while starting. Well no one taught me this but I thought the context was ok because it was a small group of people who attended prayer meeting. The one in charge told me that when I did that I actually brought the anticipation of God’s glory falling down and touching the people. The moral of this is we go to fake it. Fake if we feel tired or depressed. That’s the way to do it. I was sorry I was not that spiritual enough to follow through.

2. I learned that reflecting on the Pastor’s sermon was something not to be done. The pastor got really mad at me for doing this because I presented his views in a shrewd way. I told him that i did not say anything bad against his ideas just reflecting on some point made that made me think. I told him we did stuff like this in bible school but apparently he told me it’s not supposed to be done in church.

3. I learned that you are not supposed to write a personal opinionated letter to any leader otherwise you would not know how he/she would react. I never went around and emailed other people about the stuff I put in there but it was a personal letter and somehow it was being reprinted and photo copied and sent around. I approached a pastor telling him why the letter was being given out like hot cakes and he told me that that’s what happens when you do stuff like what you did.

4. I learned that we are supposed to suffer at the hands of our enemies, which was funny to me because someone in church with you was not supposed to be your enemy but another brother or sister in Christ.

5. I learned that it’s not good for someone to share his opinions. Especially when you were young and still fresh out of bible school. Only those who were seasoned and had a tract record had the authority to do so.

6. I learned that you are not supposed to blog about church and Christianity. Well you can but not on issues that happens. I heard from a pastor that blogs we just for sharing pictures and just sharing about things like food and traveling places you’ve been. I think that was the spiritual answer to blogging.

7. If blogging about issues make sure to name names. Well I assume that that’s what they meant because I was accused of writing ludicrous remarks on people whom I did not mention their names. Some even said that they could sue me for doing so.

8. I learned that if one wants to survive in ministry it’s better not to share opinions of any kind and just be good to everyone, regardless.

9. And lastly i learned that even in Church things like this happens because it’s not perfect and that even if that happens Jesus still calls the church his bride (Please know I’m not talking about the building here). That’s a reminder to not give up on her.

4 thoughts on “Loving the Bride

  1. Man Jon… You know that I learned some of the same kind of lessons when I was working in my former ministry. I had many days where I had a fear of sharing my oppinions, so it was assumed that I must be an introvert of somekind… which is not the case! I just became afraid of rocking the ‘system’ and getting people upset who were above me. But… I can say that I now work somewhere that allows me to simply be me. Now i am a young guy so i have to learn wise restraint at times (or the suspension of judgment), but I now am in a church that values my input or ideas. This is still not a perfect situation… still have to walk on thin ice at times so not to rock things theologically or practically, but we are moving forward and I have the opportunity to be part of that journey. You are right to say “not to give up on her” and I hope that you will find a ministry that embodies that. PS – some of your comments had a hint of humor that i appreciated 🙂

    1. Kurt, yeah i know what you mean by being introvert and not being able to articulate or share some stuff by fear of being thought of as heretical. hehe. But I’m glad that you’re serving in a place that values the person as having an important input for the church as a whole. And as for the hint of humor it’s something that has been budding from the turbulence but now have a funny side to describing it. Parody has it’s place in life and this is one of them.

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