A Friend

This week is the holidays and people were mostly gone. I was alone and because of that I planned to read a lot of books from novels to books on theology and stuff like that. It would be fun, it would be quiet and that would be nice. Class would only resume in a weeks time and so it’s bliss for a week.

But something was great for that week because I made a new friend. And that was good because I don’t talk much and I’m probably a boring person because all I talk about is just about books and theology. But well I like stuff like that.

And so I got a note inside my inbox on Facebook asking about a theological question and it was cool. I wouldn’t say I gave a great response but I gave something that I learnt about and it was good I hope. And so from there a friendship evolved and that was great. Making a new friend out of a theological question pertaining the bible.

And so from a few days after that we had conversations about a lot of things. From the bible, about life, relationships, reality, denial, stupid stuff we did at school and basically about what humans do under the sun. It was great to be captivate by stories shared by another person and not just my own thoughts. I’m the kind of person that does that a lot; talk to myself, sometimes it’s amusing but sometimes not. One can get tired listening to a monologue that’s somewhat predictable.

Oh yeah, my friend is a girl. Well it’s nice. It’s nice she’s a girl. Sometimes I get some weirdo guy who chats with me and gives his phone number and asks me to call. We haven’t even chatted about anything and boom, “Here’s my number so call me aight?” And I would go in my head, “Where is the button that makes my status on Facebook go “off-line.” And so I hit it and that’s that. I know it’s weird.

But anyway about my friend we talked about struggles and all that. It’s good to bear burdens of others and let them in on ours as well. I guess I feel some of my burdens are lifted a bit and that helps. She’s nice. And the part about asking me of my age was like oh so embarrassing for me. Because of that she teases me as Uncle. And we go LOL and ROFL. By the way I told her what ROFL stands for; Rolling-On-Floor-Laughing. I always thought it meant like a dog barking and I would go, “There is that ROFL again. Maybe the person is saying that he/she is feeling like a dog going rofl rofl.” When I think of that I just go ballistic because that was really stupid and weird and funny at the same time.

My new friend does not like flowers which is weird because girls are supposed to like flowers because they are beautiful and smell like the scent of heaven. But not all flowers are sweet-smelling over here in Malaysia. The is one called Bunga Tahi Ayam they said which smells awful. A direct translation into English would read Chicken shit Flower. Well that sounds nasty. Anyway my friend…I’m not sure if she told me she likes chocolate. I bet all women like those. They taste sweet and girls love sweet stuff I presume. She also said she likes teddies and I told her I’d never carry stuff toys even if i liked a girl and she likes them. I’d lose my manliness.

We talk about books and novels and movies as well. She said she liked a movie called Forrest Gump and watched it over a million times. She must be exaggerating because no one would be able to do that. We talked also about the movie called “She’s Just Not into You.” That was a nice movie I would say and she agreed. Somehow it gave a sense of what things in real life looked like. Like girls she said always gave stupid advises. Guys do the same too. And that I told her that guys wold not be too open to talk so much about feelings but it’s the other way round for girls. They talk feelings while hugging pillows and I was envisioning if that would work for men. I guess it wouldn’t work well. It would be pretty weird and girly if that happened.

She’s into Friends and so was I. I told her my favorite episode and that was when Ross was really gutted that his Turkey sandwich with the ‘moist maker’ he calls it, got eaten. That episode always made me laugh. She likes Phoebe and the Rachel character and she like Joey as well. I mean who doesn’t like Joey. He’s stupid but always likable. Our favorite song on Friends has to be “Smelly Cat” and I mentioned that Phoebe only plays three cords and my friend says she didn’t realize. I guess only musicians notice this. Phoebe only plays the cords D, A and E. No minor cords just majors. We somehow disagreed about Ross and Rachel’s relationship which was funny. Who was the one at fault? I still believe…ok I don’t want to go that line again.

And I just wondered this post is getting a little long and there are still more stuff to write about. I think knowing a person does that to people. It’s fascinating to get to know another person. Conversations are beautiful I can say, it’s definitely better than talking with myself that’s for sure. My friend has a beautiful smile. I like that she has dimples. The one on the left is unmistakable but I think the one on the right is a bit shy when taking pictures. She convinces me she has dimples on both cheeks and I guess I’ll have to believe her. She has a nice smile and it shines like the sun and like the moon in the night.

It was a good holiday and what made it better is have someone I can listen to with my eyes. So during the holidays I did not enjoy only books and the sound of my own voice. We started off talking about theology and the bible and that lead to just normal human stuff. I made a new friend and that was really great.

It struck me how just being myself was a real joy. And that’s what friendships should encourage. Being yourself and it’s also about being a support for another so we don’t just feel all comfortable to wallow in our own soil of existence. With a friend we become better people because it says that iron sharpens iron and it is never rubber sharpens iron. It says that somewhere in the bible.

Again I have to say that thanks Aggie (I call her Aggie). And she says that Jon, was not a good name to call me. Apparently some people use Jon for something bad. Which is sad. Jon is good name. She is funny that Aggie.

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