Wright and Works Righteousness

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Reading through Mike Wittmer’s summary of the SBL conference where N. T. Wright was part of and some other great scholars. He made some good observations which you can read here. But I guess it can be biased as well and depends on who is reporting it.

Wright has been said to have said that  justification comes by works. And Tom Schriner while doing a quick search during Q and A he said that “Wright had said our final justification is “on the basis of the totality of life lived.” Does this really sound like justification by works?

If that is so some passages in scripture need to be questioned as well;  Revelation 2:10 or 1 John 2:3-6 or James 2:14-26 might be some passages to think about. To my reading I don’t see Wright being an advocate of works righteousness. But even he did say our final justification is on the basis of the totality of life lived it does not seem to imply works righteousness. Even passages in scripture do model this idea.

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