Heaven and Bell…oops Hell

Heaven is not really our final destination. Read this post by Larry Hurtado.

Bell is a hot topic. But there’s something more at stake. It’s the discussion about universalism. Scot McKnight shares his take on it, and he says that Bell is asking addressing an old question, and it seems its a question that his students people are asking about. Greg Boyd has also blogged about this, taking from a point of view that he has actually read the book. Mark Galli has also written a piece on this issue. Kurt who responded to Justin Taylor’s take here has come up with another piece telling why he responds. Ben Witherington adds his thoughts as well. (For a more comprehensive telling and links on this issues go here.)

On the Reformed side, for a man of his stature and to write this at this time is really disheartening. Sometimes smart people can be pretty dumb as well. Albert Mohler puts his take on the issue although he states that we should wait for the book to find out. Kevin DeYoung has two posts on this, the first and the second one.


2 thoughts on “Heaven and Bell…oops Hell

    1. Thanks Kurt. I missed one important link, one about some people even going to the point of not wanting to mix with Rob Bell. I wonder if they even know how that particular verse about no being in fellowship with another Christian brother means.

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