An Ode to them “Bloody Assignments!”

Just some light hearted humor on a Saturday evening being far from my girlfriend and family and the comfort of a safe and comfortable space.

I blame them bloody assignments

for hampering my 20/20 vision

for the sleepless nights drinking and eating coffee

for ruining TGIF and also Saturdays when I should be out and enjoying time with friends and my lover

for missing EPL matches, crucial ones like the one on this Sunday

reading works of scholars how they make my mind weary

stopping every few minutes jotting notes rather then write my girlfriend love letters

YES, my blame goes to you, them bloody assignments

for making me miss events that are more worthy

for making my body weary though not exercising

for almost everything that devoid time to party

for making me cry for no reason when I hit a brick wall while writing

for breaking my will summarizing tomes of pages for an assignment

Thank you bloody assignments!

Oh, Thank you…them bloody assignments.

Well, for those who don’t know me, I’m not really in the camp of calling assignments bloody. I love what they do to my mind, well thats when after I finish writing them up that is. Maybe it’s that itch in me to write that makes me love them bloody assignments. They expand the shallow mind to depths that are unheard of. I relish the challenge, to write something worthwhile. It’s a compliment when I get approval from lecturers. But when they do sometimes come void of “appreciation” that makes me hunger for expansion. I think, though assignments do come with their own sets of frustrating bouts on everyone, them bloody assignments do help for the future that is.

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