Nominated, no.7 and nominations

This has to be the first time I’ve ever been nominated for something and it’s called Versatile Blogger Award by this sweet blogger who blogs at stray lower, and by the way, she’s a superb blogger or should I say poet/writer. I wish I could steal her talent for writing but unfortunately we are born (and hone)with our own styles of however we write. I could nominate her again but I don’t think she would want to give out another 7 more idiosyncrasies about herself.

There are two things required of me as a nominee which are (i) list 7 things that those who follow my blog might not know about me, and (ii) nominate other bloggers for the award.

I’m not so sure if this is a real award thingy but it’s fun to read other bloggers disrobing their secrets, or something like that. So now let me start my 7 things.

1. If you don’t know already, I hail from Malaysia, from the East side, on an island called Borneo which is the third largest island in the world. I come from a tribe called the Kelabits, and my ancestors were headhunters but it’s a bygone practice now. We’re considered one of the smallest ethnic group in Sarawak, so you all must be some of the luckiest people reading stuff from a modern and not-so- tribal Kelabit. At least I retain some form of tribalism by having tattoos.

2. I’ve tasted dog meat when I was having my practical training as a pastor a few years back, and although it tasted OK, I felt like vomiting because I kept thinking “this is dog meat dude!” I plead forgiveness to all dog lovers out there, and honest, they made me do it.

3. When I started out blogging, stuff I wrote landed me in hot soup with my “employers.” I was working in a church and one of the leaders threatened that they could even sue me. It was funny because I never named names. The name of my blog back then was “Deconstructing the Monkey.” Maybe they read too much into that cause they though they were the monkeys that I was deconstructing.

4. I am a professional loner because I almost spend like forever alone. It doesn’t bother me really but there are times when I do long for company. But on most counts, I’m a happy loner. Does that mean I’m anti-social? But somehow I’ll almost always fall for a girl whose a social magnet.

5. I just can’t read novels. My attention span for novels is like close to zero but I do try hard to get over it. The problem is when I do start to read a novel, my mind would wander and try to interpret and reflect on other stuff pertaining to the few pages I just read. I’m more of a textbook kinda guy. (But I think Spongebob is a sage, I’m inked, I think Scarlet Johansson is the ideal woman, and I wish I owned a Ducati). I said all that so I would exonerate my dweeb-textbook-loving status. And I’m a metal fan. Nuff said.

6. I drink coffee like I drink water and I don’t keep count of how many cups I drink a day. Plus, caffeine has no powers on me. I can drink coffee and fall asleep soon after that. I did try munching on powdered coffee but still with no effect (or is that affect, I get confused with which one to use really).

7. The only movie that I think I’ve watched more than 6 times and I still could go for more rounds (I’ll probably hit 20 by the end of this year) is “Limitless.” Now does anybody know where I can get my own stash of NZT48?

OK then that’s done. I could actually ramble on but I’d give too much secrets away.

So for the second part, on nominations (in no particular order) here goes:

Aaron Leaman– This guy has everything from photography, poems, and all things art.

Evoking the Deep and planaquarium– I have to say honestly that whenever I read their poems, I’m literally transported into new worlds that I never thought existed.

fiveloaf– A poet with a style which is uniquely his own, is someone who can say so much with just a few words.

loveandlivehappy– Emotions just permeate through her poems.

Thanks for reading and this was a fun post to write.

6 thoughts on “Nominated, no.7 and nominations

  1. J, I feel like I know so much more about you! You’re quite interesting. Glad to be aware of these things, and you’re pretty damn funny. 🙂 #5 made me laugh.

    1. You do? After only 7 things? When I wrote I didn’t know if I could come up with 7, but after getting into the process, I wished there were more haha. Please don’t tell me you laughed on no.5 cause of Spongebob or Scarlett…they both hold a special place in my heart. :P. But if you do get to write a novel, I promise to devote my utmost attention to reading it from cover to cover. (I hope)

  2. Hi J.

    I agree with Fountains, you are interesting and funny. I laughed at numbers 2 and 4. (You’re like me, you’re not “Anti-social” (which is someone who is a criminal) you would be called “Asocial” (which is someone who is comfortable in their own head)! 🙂 And Number 1 is just plain cool! The world is a better place because of you!

    1. Thanks! Ok, now im like learning new stuff from you…anti-social and Asocial. I need to brush up my English now. haha. I’m glad you saw the funny side of the 7 points. I find it hard being funny when I’m around people and have normal conversations. Besides, I have a monotonous voice which doesn’t help. Thanks again for the comments!

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