Saying Goodbye, Starting Anew

In the spirit of formality I guess I have to announce that the blog that I started out in at the end of 2007 has now ceased to exist but it’s content has now been shifted to the new blog A Chorus of Echoes.

You can see how chaotic the labels were back then when I started out “Deconstructing the Monkey”. I guess it happens when you move from Blogger to WordPress.

It is sad to leave the mantel of the previous blog which has been the instigator of making opinions known but that was a phase of my life and its good to move on. But the good thing is i still have those older posts with me here so it is still somewhat “Deconstructing the Monkey” but has somewhat evolved to “A Chorus of Echoes.”

The new blog shifts a little in terms of direction but it does still have some form of the old blog in mind.

Anyway just for the sake of remembrance, this was what it was about with Deconstructing the Monkey:

Jonathan AranThe conversion of Reformed, Emergent/ging and Neo-Charismatic reflections on Church, Theology, Spirituality and Culture With the Intention of Deconstructing the Monkey by a 4th generation Kelabit Christian.

This blog seeks to be a safe hub for meaningful conversations, probing the mind and heart on the issues of the Christian faith through the lens of a Kelabit Christian blogger.

So, in the spirit of Jesus’ welcoming table, let’s recline and be probed by discussions that would help us get inclined with the global influence of our faith in the discussion we have and seek to integrate those ideas to the locality of our surroundings.

Like Jesus’ table, all are welcomed.

That was then. This is now.

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